A local park maybe your favourite place near your home, fresh air, shining flowers, quite path, where can make your feel relax and comfortable! Nothing can beats the natural setting and plenty of sunshine. Most attracting thing is that will not cost much! And the park’s permits cost are usually priced. But that is all we think, if we don’t prepare for the accident like rainy weather, Noisy insects—your Big Day will be a nightmare. To help you held a successful ceremony, here are some Valuable suggestions.


Prepare the Groundwork


Before your decision, try to visit the park times in different time, day of the week, and time of day as you plan to marry. Write down the traffic condition and the position of the sun — which will help you to decide where you place your guests, officiant, your party since no one want to be totally exposed in the afternoon rays.

Try to get rid of the potential problems and accident beforehand. Are there any Toilet facilities? Is there enough parking place for your guest ? You also need to figure out things as many as you can which have a change to interrupt your wedding — a small corner football game — will be taking place during your vows.


Official Work


Once you’ve decided the wonderful park, contact the park’s official person in charge and figure out if your wedding are allowed during your plan time. After you get the permit, make sure you know all the rules of the park and if you have to book it in advance. You’ll most likely need at least one permit, which is usually issued by your local parks department. Find out if the park are allowed to bring in chairs and restroom, music facilities, and have your girls throw birdseed.


Most of the parks are free of charge, also there maybe a change for you to pay a small amount location fee. “National parks charge anywhere between fifty and two hundred dollars,” says Roger di Silvestro, senior director of communications for the National Parks Conservation Association, in Washington, D.C. “State, city, and town parks each have their own fees, which will vary from place to place.”

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