There is no mistaking that the capital city of the Netherlands – Amsterdam, is one of these evergreen destinations which attract crowds of tourists year round. But what about the Amsterdammers and the rest of the Dutch who themselves yearn to set off on a trip and experience some careless days abroad? Well, living in the vicinity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol they cannot complain about the insufficiency of plane connections they can choose from. And if you happen to read these words while not being from Amsterdam, you may still find it useful as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an important European hub and you may wind up there on one of your stopovers. Let us see which carriers fly from Amsterdam and what they have to offer us.

We will start off with the Dutch national carrier – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines or just KLM to make things a trifle easier. This traditional carrier which ranks among the oldest airlines worldwide does not exactly fall into the low cost category – the KLM ticket prices oftentimes exceed euro500 but by a stroke of luck you may buy a return ticket for a flight from Amsterdam to e.g. Milan or Madrid for euro99. If you travel the opposite direction, euro99 fares from London to Amsterdam are not that hard to find. In other words, you can travel with a giant and respected carrier for what can be called low-cost prices – not bad. If you on the other hand are not one to worry about money, then KLM gives you a wide range of destinations to go to when when departing from Amsterdam. What is more this carrier is said to be the only one airline operating around 60 of its routes.

Secondly, Martinair – a carrier which represents a different order of magnitude as regards the route network as well as the size of fleet but which is also present on the aviation market for quite a time (since 1958). There are two reasons why Martinair will not stagger you with the kind of prices you associate with the low-budget notion. Firstly the company belongs to the traditional sector of the aviation industry and secondly and more importantly the company focuses on long-haul destinations, such as Cuba, Antilles or the Dominican Republic. The average promotional prices for return flights to these remote destinations oscillate between euro300 and euro500.

Let us sink to some more affordable prices and discuss the services and prices of another Dutch carrier – Arkefly. This airline resembles KLM in that it offers low prices for European destinations and suitably higher fares for more remote spots. As a way of example, at the moment of writing there are available return flights Amsterdam – Jerez for euro99. With one-way trip from Amsterdam to Andalusia for ca euro50 we are approaching the low-cost level. Other than that Arkefly carries its passengers to more distant locations, like Caribbean, Antilles or Jamaica for prices comparable to those of KLM and Martinair.

Last but not least, let us have a glance at Corendon – an airline that mainly targets passengers travelling between the Netherlands and Turkey. That is to say that if you are planning a getaway on the Turkish riviera, Corendon with its prices dropping to the level of euro24 may be the way to go.

Other than that, this airline may carry you also to Bulgaria or Crete – just so that you will not think that Corendon is all about Turkey.

So, have we managed to put temptation in your way? If so, do not try to resist it and visit the official website of whichever carrier you found best suited to your expectations.

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