Does it take consideration into where we go on vacations? There are variety of exotic locations in the world for us to come and discover with beautiful sights. Until now, famous tourist spots in the world have  met must-have requirements such as convenient position, breathtaking sights, peace, good security, good service, and reasonable price. However, the world has been changing day by day and people have certainly been changing their new hobbies and styles. Tourist destinations not only have to meet those requirements, but need to bring what is the so-called strangeness and adventure. There are vacations costing hundreds of million dollars or playing joke with tourists\’ courage. Let\’s take an exciting tour around the world to discover the weirdest travel destinations as follows.


The Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi is expected to be marked in the Guinness Book of World Records for its luxury and comfort. The whole package for the Emirates travel includes first-class airfare and 7 nights at a huge room at the Palace. Besides, tourists will have chances to go by Chauffeur-driven cars, take private flights to Iran, or create Persian carpets by themselves. The Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi has topped the list of the most expensive resorts in the world.


A $ 1 Million travel at the Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi


This is really an exotic location for those who are particularly interested in astronomy to observe the whole world from the moon. A travel to the moon on Soyuz spacecraft is provided by Space Adventures agency. It takes 7 days for the flight to rush into the space with the highest speeds of 17,000 mph. On the space, you can observe stars, the surrounding planets and the earth from 250,000 miles far away.


Tourists have to pay $ 100 million for each to join the challenging vacation.


It only takes one hour for you to go around the city of Tampa to meet dancing and singing mermaids. They are not Disney cartoon characters or mannequins underwater, but breathing, living, and performing mermaids. That weird place is Weeki Wachee Springs attracting tourists from around the world.


Weeki Wachee is a theater constructed under a natural spring allowing the adventurers to walk into an underwater paradise without getting wet.


Open-air bath has become so popular in the world, especially in European countries including America. According to a survey, there are approximately 48% of Americans feeling comfortable to be shirtless on beaches. All you need for a vacation are sunglasses, cap, sunglasses, shoes, sunscreen lotion.


Please carefully apply with sunscreen lotion before posing bodies under sunlight.


It\’s so popular to swim with intelligent dolphins. Now, swimming with pigs brings fresh and strange feelings. Please pay a visit to Big Major Cay swimming pool, Bahamas and enjoy the coolness with lovely pigs.


Swimming with lovely pigs is an interesting experience


Dwarf Empire, among the most famous parks in Asia with 77.6 million visitors, is located in southern China. Dwarf Empire was opened in 2009 offering entertainment services for those who are under four feet tall.


The park is well-known all over the world for helping China\’s dwarves become employed.


It certainly takes some considerations for tourists to take a trip to Afghanistan, a war country. It sounds challenging to visit and decide for themselves. The Buddhas of Bamyan, the City of Screams, the Minarets of Ghazni, the Blue Mosque are among the most irresistible exotic locations in Afghanistan.


Vacation to Afghanistan


Paranormal phenomena may exist in the gosh world such as Halloween holidays. They are really gosh tours taking place around the year. The best place for gosh tour is Florida, offering variety of day and night gosh tours.


Travel with gosh



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