As usual, hotel is a luxurious place offering a more exciting and special accommodation for guests and tourists. It can not be denied that Germany is the country inspiring the creative and bizarre ideas of hotels. Germany always tops the list of most original and weirdest hotels in the world including Propeller Island City and Arte Kunst. If you are an unique art enthusiast, let\’s take a trip to Germany and some other countries in order to enjoy the most strangest hotels around the world.


Fox hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

Fox hotel, designed by 21 architects, features 61 rooms. Staying in each room at Fox hotel is like experiencing interesting adventures thanks to mysterious decoration ornaments


Arte Luise Kunsthotel, Berlin, Germany

It\’s so amazing that interior furniture is in enormous sizes. The original ideas are based on their 3-year-old child\’s sense


Tourists have extraordinary experiences with the sculptures from the lobbies to impressively designed bedrooms


Propeller Island City Lodge Gesamtkunstwerk Hotel, Berlin

The bedroom named Castle offers guests a colorful space. There are many feelings to touch inside the room according to everyone\’s state of mind


If you are a symbol enthusiast, the room is worth being booked. The symbol room is decorated with around 300 wooden pieces printed with different question marks


Each room of the Propeller Island City Lodge features an original style. If you are a horror story holics, spending a night on the coffin-shaped bed is an interesting idea


In addition to flying beds, guests get impressed with mirror rooms with mirror pieces in various sizes


The flying bed looks like a baby cradle


Bend hotel, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Bend hotel, designed by Hubert von Heijden was completed in 2009. It is very dynamic and comfortable; therefore, festivals or camping are often held here


YOTEL London Heathrow Airport hotel, United Kingdom

YOTEL London Heathrow Airport hotel can be said to be the smallest hotel in the world with 7m2-wide rooms. However, it meets adequately services and comforts



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