SimMiles offers virtual airlines the most sophisticated and state of the art virtual airline software, PIREP and hosting service for flight simulator virtual airlines. SimMiles uses a web based flight tracking system that can track virtual airline flights using online flight simulator servers or 3rd party tracking systems such as XACARS.

The SimMiles Virtual Airline Software is very easy for virtual airline pilots to use. All you need is to install a flight simulator server pilot client such as FSCopilot and FSInn, join a virtual airline using our software and then simply connect to the SimMiles network. Our software for virtual airlines also includes websites, forums and news blogs depending on the virtual airline software that you want to buy.
Virtual Airline Hosting Software

SimMiles is much more then just a PIREP system and flight simulation network for virtual airlines. We provide hosting software that will help your virtual airline succeed with resources. SimMiles will make your virtual airline website and include forum software built in to this website so that you can communicate effectively and efficiently with your virtual airline pilots. SimMiles can also install blog software for your virtual airline which you can then use to post news articles for your virtual airline to keep your virtual airline pilots informed as to what is going on within your virtual airline’s community. We will also provide in some cases a free teamspeack server software so that you can hold live meetings on voice with your virtual airline’s pilots.
Virtual Airline PIREP Software

The SimMiles PIREP software for virtual airlines allows you to purchase your fleet, create your routes and then schedule your aircraft on these routes for your virtual airline. In addition with the SimMiles Virtual Airline Software you can create press releases that are distributed on many flight simulator and virtual airline websites. You can also buy stocks of other virtual airlines, compete with other virtual airlines and trade aircraft with other virtual airline members using our software.

Additional features of the SimMiles virtual airline software includes the ability to process pilot applications, create code share agreements with other virtual airline members, see all of your virtual airline’s financial transactions, create promotion structures for your virtual airline pilots, creat the seating layouts for the aircraft in your virtual airline’s fleet and you can even create cargo aircraft for your virtual airline. The challenges of running your own virtual airline on the SimMiles flight simulation network and virtual airline software system are unlimited. SimMiles is simply the best software and PIREP choice for your virtual airline so don’t wait, contact SimMiles to join today!

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