Be it scuba diving, beach holidays, cruise and sail or wedding and romance, Caribbean is an excellent choice of destination. There exists a vast network of Caribbean flights stretching from North and South America, the UK and Europe. There are lots of scheduled carriers and charter flights during peak times to popular Caribbean destinations such as the Bahamas, Anguilla, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Aruba, Bermuda, Trinidad, Jamaica or any other major islands from the total 49 islands. Some islands are much better served than others. Even though a trip to the heavenly Caribbean Islands can be expensive, there are some ways to travel cheap by flying in cheap Caribbean flights and by following some other essential tips.

Tips to Find Cheap Caribbean Flights

Plan your travel in off-season – Flying to the Caribbean can get very expensive if you choose to travel during the peak season. Cheap Caribbean flights or those airlines that offer the best airfare deals to the region can be found during the off-season. During the peak season, i.e., from mid-December to mid-April, hotel rates and flights to the Caribbean reach the climax and you need to make reservations in advance. Mid-April through mid-December is the best time of year to find cheap Caribbean flights, thereby making the trip less expensive. You may be left with fewer hotel and restaurant choices since most of them will remain closed for renovations during this period. Even though the climate in the Caribbean is utterly wonderful all year round, it will be more the hot and humid during the off-season. But since you can find irresistible deals with certain Caribbean flights during this time of the year, it is advisable to travel at this time.

Flying with Budget Airlines – The bulk of the flights are from the US with American Airlines serving most of the Caribbean destinations. Other major airlines with flights to the Caribbean are US Airways, Continental Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Cayman Airways and Air Jamaica.  UK has majority of flights to the Caribbean islands in Europe. British Airways,Virgin Atlantic, Air Jamaica, Monarch, BMI, Air 2000/First Choice Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and Cubana are the major airlines serving the Caribbean Islands. It is advisable to fly in budget airlines if you wish to cut down on travel expenses. JetBlue and ATA Airlines are important discount carriers serving San Juan. The former also serves Puerto Rico, Nassau, Bahamas and Bermuda. Spirit Airlines is one of the major budget Caribbean flights that fly to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Thomas, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

The choice of destination – Typical islands such as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, St Lucia or Antigua are the preferred destination for those who are flying in cheap Caribbean flights. All these islands are abundantly blessed with profuse natural splendor. According to your vacation type you can choose any islands; but remember that Puerto Rico and Barbados, the major tourism doorways, are served with most cheap Caribbean flights.

The Caribbean is known as one of the cost-friendly destinations, and you are sure to find cheap Caribbean Flights by making the best use of the net to find the best fares, by subscribing to airline e-newsletters and by shopping vigorously for discounted or negotiated fares. Hiring the help of destination specialists is a good idea to find fare deals on Caribbean flights.

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