Weather is understood to be a changeful and variable state of atmosphere, and various weather phenomena are also different in different parts around the world. All the changes and differences of weather phenomena depend on the climactic variations of different locations. There are strange and wonderful phenomena occurring in our atmosphere, but rarely and weirdly. Let\’s take a discovery through the list of top extraordinary weather phenomena around the globe.


It\’s so marvelous that clouds are arranged into school creating a very unusual and a bit supernatural look. This is a rare phenomena because they do not retain this shape for a long time. The cloud formations, named Kelvin Helmholtz, are made from shearing winds up at cloud level.


Kelvin Helmholtz cloud formations


Multiple fogbows are formed by sunlight backscattering off a cloud going below the top of the mountain. The image looks as if it was an optical illusion in a distance. The rare weather phenomena, in fact, are not rainbows.


Multiple fogbows


Gravity waves, indeed, are clouds in motion. They are formed by a provocation such as a thunderstorm, and then sinking again after the air\’s rising into stable air, creating this momentum within the clouds. It\’s so interesting that gravity waves can be observed from the space.


Gravity waves


Lenticular clouds looks like a single large and long lens shape, even like alien spaceships. Those lenticular clouds are created through air moisture condensed from an updraft, and then interrupted by a mountain. After the air moisture will evaporate again after condensing and forming clouds.


Lenticular clouds


Morning glory clouds are about 100-200 meters high from the air and occur in different locations around the globe. Morning glory clouds can be seen as roll clouds because they can come in rows.


Morning glory clouds


Anticrepuscular rays are viewed as sun rays formed at both sunrise and sunset when rays are cast by the sun from the horizon via several well-placed clouds.


Anticrepuscular rays


Triple Sunrise Illusion are understood to be standard reflections or atmospheric lensing. It is so difficult to see Triple Sunrise Illusion face by face under the sunlight.


Triple Sunrise Illusion


Fogbows, also called sea dogs by mariners, sea dogs by pilots, white rainbows by some people. A fogbow is formed with the diffraction of light through water droplets, like a normal rainbow; but just tiny water droplets.




Lunar Corona formation is created via the combination of thin cloud and tiny droplets in the air. These small droplets distribute the light rays from the moon forming coloful moon halo.


Lunar Corona Formation



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