There are So Many Dating Site Washington DC


If you’re looking for love then you must check out Dating Site Washington DC. After about a year of living here and being single I thought it was time to venture out into the dating world. But it’s so hard to meet people and I hate blind dates.


I went on a blind date several months ago and it was a complete disaster. The man was nothing like the descriptions my friends gave me. Since I told them my type in terms of looks they couldn’t have picked someone that was totally not  my type. I think they just felt sorry for me because I was alone and thought that if I had anyone I’d be happy. I hate being pitied and told them so after the date. The man was very nice and cordial, but just wasn’t for me. So a few months later I gathered up the courage to try some online dating sites.


I was always afraid to Dating Site Washington DC because you never know what kind of man you’re going to end up meeting. I mean, sociopaths are the most charming of all. I also read lots of stories in newspapers and heard on the TV news horror stories as a result of online dating.


So I made a list of safety precautions I saw on some of the dating websites and told myself that I would follow every single suggestion. I would always meet my date for the first time in a public place. I won’t give out my phone number until I’m 100% comfortable with my date. I will always have two friends know where I’m going on my date and approximately what time I will return home. I will also have one friend call my cell phone (which I will carry with me at all times) mid-date to see if I’m okay. And last but not least, I will not give out my address or phone number or let my date escort me home until I’m sure that I even want him in my home.


The key to Dating Site Washington DC is to meet lots of different men, and go on several dates with each one until I’ve picked my favorite. So far, my experiences have been great.