There are plenty of apps available for blackberry users that are free, but, you can get a very useful and helpful app for a few dollars. Most blackberry apps range from $ 0.99 to $ 9.99 but occasionally you will see one that will cost more. These apps usually offer a service that takes revenue to maintain and which allows you have a great service through your app. The best blackberry apps that you have to pay for are usually well worth the money and can bring you fun, excitement, organization, or just make your life easier.

One of the best paid Blackberry apps is the WeatherBug Elite app. They offer a free version with limited features but the paid version does everything from Real Time Delivery alerts to wind speeds. It delivers you instant temperatures of the city you are currently in or any city you want to search. Almost every weather measurement is available through the WeatherBug app. It even gives you animated satellite and radar readings.

Another great paid app for blackberry is the Shazam app. This app allows you to hold your phone to a speaker while a song is playing and it will tell you the song name and artist. If hear a song on the radio and cannot figure out who it is Shazam can tell you in a matter of seconds. If even provides a way to buy the song right there through your phone.

LIVESTRONG, Lance Armstrong’s foundation, put out an app that allows you to find out how many calories are in items before you eat or order them. Their app called, Calorie Tracker, has one of the largest databases of food and restaurant items. When you go out to eat the nutrition facts are always available for you to view. You can use your Calorie Tracker app and find out the calorie and nutritional facts right then and there. You are also helping out the LIVESTRONG foundation when you purchase this app.

These three apps make life easier and can keep you healthier. There are thousands of apps available for blackberry users and you can probably find three other apps that are more relevant for your lifestyle. But, you can’t go wrong with the WeatherBug, Shazam, or Calorie Tracker app. They are great apps create for Blackberry users and you should give them a try.


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