The sleepless nite of love and despair

 By Prof Ghuam Mohyuddin Wani

 This is a poetic expression of an unknown feel,a fiction ,which may suite and befit as a romantic miss between young and old in a fix.Many young women do love men of their fathers age and yet ive happiy in west.In Isam Hazrate Mohmad too married a young women at 53.The birth of Christ and many clones are hinted in this fiction.

1.Subevan chak na- ha nudbani,az roz ratha sane ye

. You are very decorative and marvelous looking one ,a beloved par excelance, why do not you stay overnight .

 2.Lole nazruve chek ,teer lalayene ,az roz ratha sane ye

Your gaze and the eyes are full of love and emotions, as if a hunter is aiming at his hunt in the jungle, with precision and sharpness. You eyes and eye ashes are just piercing inner echo’s of human love and relationship. you frequent movement in the head make you look like and nagin dancing and singing in wilderness. your innocent face is just killing and makes one impatient and restless.

 3.Mahsoom benethey,ghaeth devane,sarney sate wize wize rosane ,kasehenz khat ne bozane ye.

 She roams and dances so innocently that she gets irritated quite often and gets angry with a her friends on little differences. She never cares to hear any one in anger and makes her harm and remains aloof for days, till her gloom subsides and she is back to herself. I saw her anger breeds deepest fuss on her innocent face as if she is born to be a tie between anger and compromise. She rents to your proposals after a while and is very clever cute and compromises. Her confidence in herself is just fantastic and praise worthy. I love her for these acts and merits .She is true and transparent.

4.Anjan banthe ,see nah havan , yawon chevan,kathe tam,panan ghere parnane ye’

She is relentless and pious and protects her chaisty and grace, may she opens to her few and may they have free access to her but to me the poet she is relentless and pure like those sea waves who may carry you in deep sea but eaves you high and dry even spending her whole night with you. She will put her hair locks and eye gaze in such stances as if protecting the moon amongst deep could bursts and cyclones

.5.Ahche chey palle zan,gulal chavenawan ,yousufes guer larane ye

 Her eyes are just eke cups of best vine drawn from the peats of rose which is soothing and mesmerizing and a fine collection of her emotion assembled in such a fashion as if she looks a madding sickness and induce sleep. She is thus a sleeping beauty of the world ,described in Yusuf zulaeykha vahaks and narrations ,where she brought rebuke to Yusuf and yet at the end Yusuf adopts and maries her and Aziz consoles and surrenders before the true love.

 6.Dek bud nes thezeh ,wootah shobane ,zan chek turdes travane ye,

 Her fore head is broad and speaks of her great fortune in future, her roman nose of Cleopatra type is held high and on a shining face with a minor microscopic dimple in checks she oaks just a hoor of other world. Her lips thin and petal eke are befitting her and are well set to suite her mode. Her innocent and devilry looks and actions are as if hanging you as a carcass of the butcher. She has a cruelty of a butcher to hide herself from her admirers and friends so close and dear to her. She needs and human face and compromising attitudes and not those stiff and stubborn one which makes her a one person devoid of flourishing relationships and friendships .She needs a change in her attitude.

 7.Band wouth karthem ,senah wazane ,sen dag chek havane ye.

 Her gloomy face to conceal her breast and the fear or suspicion of the tear is just depicting her feverous nests either she is nervous and does not believe on her babe heights or has a defect which she wishes to conceal and hide chest her beauty is marred .I feel her such a nervous act depicts hr deep pain in this regard .

 8.Chader manz aechet,gam chopaven, dak deth ,lut lut khah tam ganzerawun,yavenes Lure layane ye

 Her act of hiding in the Blanket and concealing her gloom and distress speaks a lot of her desperate personality. She is nervous and has item confidence on her or her friends and mates. She always murmurs some words appearing as if she approves the gazer and may biter him like a wild cat. But in a next moment she looks sad and just nervous and in some sort of dilemma and asks many odd questioned for a poem on mother’s day .forgetting the truth the mother needs a love to bear a child, all are not May rams to give birth to Hazard ESA as and nuclear fusion what we call coning now .IS she asking for such a treat we may be experimenting that too.

A writer is ike a preasy aceeding to requests of his clients and like spritua healer ooks to comfort them,Prof wani in his recent romantic epics trues to consoe either the  freids or his own brused emotions over years of despair and distress,Readers may write and award judgemenys.A kashmiri poem expained and transated.