February each year is the off-season of the automobile market, terminal sales are hurting the main features of the automotive market this month, but there are some special cases, adverse economic growth, such as Beijing Hyundai Xin Yue move, terminal sales reached 15,315 in February, compared with the Spring Festival before the January sales of 14,042, nearly 10% growth. Is not short off, adverse economic growth situation, so that the new Hyatt move immediately became the focus of attention of the car DVD player industry. To this end, the reporter visited a number of dealers of modern investigation revealed that the new Hyatt moving the terminal a hot market, the prevalence of current car supply situation, part of the 4S shop even queuing up to buy a car. A dealer official told reporters that the new Hyatt moving vehicle source of tension phenomenon is the first time since 2009 in their store, as far as he knew, the other 4S shop, respectively, inadequate sources of varying degrees of car, this situation has been going on for some time. The person in charge of the dealers added to the analysis, Yue brand models has always been the market’s hot models, since its listing in the country’s month sales up to more than 10,000 vehicles, the car alone they shop each month up to hundreds of cars, the new Hyatt moving car is a store selling the best customers to shop turnover rate the highest level of a model. Wyatt, is well known, move the classic models of the domestic mid-size car market, long ranked mid-size car market, monthly sales of the highest in. Has been in the minds of consumers have earned a good reputation, excellent “space, enough power, stylish, low fuel consumption” is the general evaluation of the consumers of this model. 2011 listing of the new Hyatt moving the inherited Yuet quality basis, the competitiveness of their products has also been further improved. Competitiveness of products, analysis of the new Hyatt is nothing more than excellent quality of several aspects of the space, power, appearance, fuel consumption, and space, the new Hyatt moving wheelbase reached 2650mm, spacious rear meet the dual needs of the consumer business, home, and this wheelbase data in the mid-size car market in the lead. Power system, the new backup camera Hyatt move 1.6L models to match the engine power 90.4Kw the torque 155N.m, compared with the displacement of Sunny, torque is quite big power 13.4Kw, beyond the variety of models for the same level. 100 km combined appearance of the product and fuel consumption, the shape of the new Hyatt remains Nowadays people to pursue the dynamic elements of fashion, with the engaging family cars, stable characteristics; new Hyatt moving 1.6L models of manual and automatic condition of fuel consumption of 6.5L, 6.7L, fuel consumption is less than in 7L, to achieve beyond the same level of Ashkenazi car fuel economy. Plus the price compared to the same level of Long Yi, Cruze will become closer, the new Hyatt moving this model has demonstrated strong product competitiveness, the formation of a strong market demand.

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