Amsterdam is fast becoming one of the top destinations for tourists seeking cheap flights to Amsterdam. The city is known for many things but a kind weather is not one of them. The climate in the city is generally moderate maritime climate with cold winters and warm summers but the problem is it does not happen that way all the time. Tourists on cheap flights to Amsterdam should be aware that the weather in the city can be very unpredictable.

Rain is evenly distributed throughout the year so tourists on cheap flights to Amsterdam should not fail to bring a jacket in case the weather turns cold and rainy during your stay. For those on cheap flights to Amsterdam, be sure to inquire about air-conditioning before making any hotel reservations. Not all hotels in the city have this because the city used to have a cold temperature without the need for air-conditioning. Nowadays, the weather has changed extremely so it is best to have air-conditioning in case the temperature rises during your stay. The coldest months in the city are from December to February where you can see a lot of people ice skating. The city also looks perfect when it is covered in snow.

The cold and unpredictable weather in the city does not deter tourists from booking cheap flights to Amsterdam at any time of the year. The peak season for tourists is from June to August so it is best to avoid booking cheap flights to Amsterdam during these months because the rates are higher and the city is crowded with tourists as well. Tourists on cheap flights to Amsterdam can always visit the city during the fall or winter. Amsterdam is truly magical with its buildings and landscape all covered in snow. The rates are also a lot cheaper in the winter so you can just bring your warmest winter clothes and book cheap flights to Amsterdam. In the fall, there are still plenty of destinations to visit even if there is a light drizzle of rain every now and then.

The festivals in the city are another reason for you to book cheap flights to Amsterdam. Book your cheap flights to Amsterdam in the middle of October since it is when the biggest clubbing event happens. The World Dance Event is a well-attended festival in the city. Other festivals to look out for are the Amsterdam Gay Pride, a colourful festival that happens in August. The Queen’s day on April 30 is also something to look forward to when booking cheap flights to Amsterdam. This event is celebrated with a lot of street parties.

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