Christmas is around the corner. Who doesn’t wish a nice bottle of red wine? In fact, you must start with top cabernets or merlots and don’t forget the best red wine from Ontario. The humble Shiraz was voted the best wine in red among 130 different wines at “Taste Ontario” 2013. This wine conquered the taste buds of Ontario’s 12 top sommeliers. This celebration season, make sure your table is dotted with sparkling glasses of red wine, along with the plum cake.


Get Ontario wine this Christmas. Look for wines straight from the wineries of Ontario. “Taste Ontario” is an exceptional event at this place. This year, the event was held in Ottawa at the Westin Hotel on October 7 and in Toronto on October 10.

Ontario is famous for its fruity, delicious wines. It is also the ideal place for ambitious wine connoisseurs from across the globe. Global warming has been actually favorable for this place. The increasing temperatures are redefining wine making in Ontario. This place boasts of grand reds, which were hardly seen in this cool climate region.

The Tawse ‘Spark’ Riesling 2009 was one of the winners of the 2013 Ontario wine awards. Wines like Ravine Vineyard 2010 Merlot, Trius 2010 Grand Red, Southbrook 2010 Triomphe Cabernet Sauvignon, and Jackson-Triggs 2010 Niagara Estate Grand Reserve Shiraz also topped the list of Ontario’s top five red wines.

Instead of running around looking for your perfect sparkle, rose, or red, why not refer to the list of wines that created a spark in the hearts of wine tasters at the Ontario event?

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The best red wine is the outcome of Nature and mankind’s art and skill to bring Nature’s best into a glass. Big, bold reds are flourishing in Ontario. The province enjoys a cool climate and features a short growing season, which is known for cultivation of lightweight gamay and pinot nior. The climate does not favor cabernet sauvignon and bold shiraz. Yet, Ontario does it.

It produces Bordeaux grape varieties that are used to make cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, which feature rich textures and ripe flavors. This is the result of several experimentations by wine makers in Ontario. They now boast of five homegrown red wines, award winning too.

So, what’s for Christmas this year at your home? Is it Merlot or Chauvignon? Whatever might be your taste, make sure it is a bottle of the best red wine. offers the best red wine that promises to make your day this Christmas. To taste a great Ontario wine, visit the site and get details.

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