Although the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong has not been opened yet, it has had the title of tallest hotel in the world for two months. Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton will open on March 29 with 312 rooms. It occupies the 102nd to 118th floors of the International Commercial Center in West Kowloon. In order to enjoy the best view of the island from the top of the International Commercial Center, people will have to pay for at least 6,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$ 770) a night for a deluxe room and 100,000 Hong Kong dollars a night for a presidential room. Let’s visit the hotel through some photos below.


This is the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour from the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. The hotel is so tall that double-decker buses look tiny from it.


Bathroom is modern and convenient. The hotel will have 312 rooms with views of the city or harbor


Deluxe room looks so spacious. The hotel will feature a ball room, spa and Element shopping mall on the base of the International Commercial Center.


Arriving at the hotel, guests will find some restaurants with vast windows and high ceiling, spa, gym as well as an indoor pool and a rooftop bar.

This is a bright dinning venue. These venues were designed by Japanese firms Spin Studio and Wonderwall.


Swimming pool in the highest hotel in the world


The highest bar in the world will be Ozone. Located on the top of the International Commercial Center, it will have six restaurants and bars


The hotel contains gyms as well. Its overall design theme is inspired by the dynamic culture of the city.

Executive room



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A tour of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong. Starting at street level looking out to Hong Kong Island, up the 100 floors in the elevator, the Lobby on floor …