Prayer chains are a powerful force within our spiritual natures. Basically, a prayer chain is a group of people all praying for the same need or request. There are three basic types of prayer chains. Each one is different – email, telephone, and group. You can easily pick the one best suited to your lifestyle.


For those with a computer and not much time, email prayer chains may be the answer. Look through your email address book and select people you feel would be willing to pray when a need arises. Collect the names into a list. When you want prayers for yourself or someone who requested them from you, put Prayer Request in the Subject line, and send it to each person on the list. Be sure to ask them to send the request on to folks on their lists, too. With only 10 names, if each of those 10 emails 10 others, you can see how quickly it adds up.


It is not true that everyone has a computer or that everyone knows how to use one. If you have time to phone just 10 people, you can form a telephone prayer chain. Gather the phone numbers of 10 people you know who would be willing to pray for others in need. Talk to them to be sure that they are willing to phone 10 others when the need arises. You can even leave your request on voice mail or a machine if the person is not home. Before long, many people are praying for the same need.


If you have the time, and you can either gather folks in your home or you can get to a group meeting, a prayer group may be the way to go. A group meets in a pre-determined place — someone’s home, a room on church grounds, or elsewhere. They discuss the prayer requests that each has received since the last meeting. They pray together about each need. They are “gathered together in His name.”

Prayer chains are simple but powerful ways of praying for others in need. In today’s world, it is easy to set one up, using one of these methods, no matter what your life situation may be.

Evelyn Mayfield ha been writing and editing for over 30 years, both freelance and on-staff. Her work ranges from inspirational to humor to instructional. She spends her time writing, crafting, and blogging. She is the author of the paperback, The Busy Person’s Prayer Book. Busy Person’s Prayer Book — Blog —

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