Advertising trends keep changing from time to time. The changing scenarios in the market along with the change in advertising techniques of various brand owners have called for the induction of new age mediums of promotion to position the brand more effectively. Internet advertising and mobile advertising practices thereby become two latest means of promotion vastly implemented by the advertisers/brand owners.  Personalized, effective and cost effective in nature, internet and mobile advertising devices have become two most functional tools to promote a brand, service or business.

Advertising through internet medium

To advertise through internet media means to create an online presence of the brand message that is accessible only when customer (s) surf the web world. Online/Internet Advertising practices are currently becoming popular amongst a large number of budding brand owners and advertisers. Banner Advertising displays and PPC ads are two commonly practices of internet advertising. Pay per click, pop up advertising, SEM (Search engine marketing), pay for inclusion, affiliate marketing etc. are some common practices adopted by those ad agencies that deal with promotion campaigns of their clients through online media. Any internet advertising campaign reaches out to customers in a customized manner that makes it a favorite advertising means for a wide range of brand owners in the market place.

Advertising through mobile medium

A mobile phone is the most personal device of communicating any brand message. Mobile phones are widely used by everyone. Advertising through mobile phones have become a popular means to position any brand in the market. Bulk SMS campaign is a popular practice of mobile advertising. Conveying the brand message to lacs of customers through a single campaign, SMS campaigns are cost effective means of advertising a brand. Mobile Advertising is becoming one of the successful tools of marketing a product or business.

The mushrooming number of mobile brands in the market has provided richer opportunities of promotion to mobile advertisers.  With more than 270 million mobile users, India has become one of the sizzling markets for mobile advertisers.

Advertising is a fascinating art of communicating a particular brand message to customers through a particular channel or channels. The objective of every advertising campaign is to inform and inspire customers to adopt a particular product. In order to persuade the attention of customers, an advertising message has to be compelling and should also cover the promotional objective of what the brand owner expects to achieve. Every advertising campaign provides an appeal to customers. Advertisers infact persuade customers through this appeal. An ad appeal may be either based on emotions such as love, belongingness or care or fear. Without an appeal, it is a tough task for an advertiser to communicate the brand message to customers as they don’t find it interesting or attractive. So, it is a must for every brand owner to launch his promotion campaign by loading an out of the box theme or appeal that may strike customers’ attention even at a quick glance.

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