Europe has got so many wonderful honeymoon places and is preferred by large number of couples. There are so many honeymoon destinations in Europe to visit and so many reasons to travel its hard to know which the best places to visit are.

When choosing a honeymoon location, do consider the endless opportunities that Europe travel packages has to offer. From biking/bus tours to the romantic lake cruises, romance is in no short supply while you’re traveling the European regions of France, Italy and Spain. The couples can enjoy a variety of local activities, food, festivities, and absorb the local culture, and not to forget the romantic cruises.

The most famous vacation destinations for newlywed couples are Italy ,France, Switzerland ,Greece and Spain. Lets look closer at of each of these places.

Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Europe
Below here we provide you a list of popular places in Europe which are ideal for honeymooning purposes.

United Kingdom

If you have ever dreamt of an unforgettable and classy getaway with your better half, you can plan to visit UK. This is one of the top romantic destinations not only in the continent of Europe but also in the world. The unmatched luxury and presence of quality accommodation, all equipped with world class facilities and amenities, will catch your fancies. The places that the couples can opt for in UK are London, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Edinburgh. Vacations in London, the British Capital, throw open the opportunity to visit some of the top destinations of the world. Popular attractions of London are the Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Westminister Abbey, Madam Tussauds Museum and many more. Shopping centers, pubs, restaurants, clubs and amazing nightlife in the city of London, have everything in it to attract tourists of all types. A wide variety of packages are also available in the country for the couples. They can opt the package of their choice.

Netherlands is any time a popular place for honeymoon in Europe. This beautiful country is often called as the land of flowers. It is indeed a nice experience to opt for lovely scenic bicycle tours, especially during the springtime, when the flowers in the bulb fields and the blossoms in the orchards bloom. Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, draws huge number of tourists throughout the year, many of them come to this city for romantic escape. The major attractions of the city of Amsterdam are the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Other romantic spots in the country are Rotterdam and Schveningen.

honeymoon in europe France has always been an excellent tourist spot in the world. The stunning architecture, extraordinary restaurants, bustling cities and pristine beaches have made France a unique place in the European continent for romantic engagements. The places that the tourists can think of visiting in the country are Paris, Arles, Cannes and Chamonix. Presence of a large number of exquisite winter holiday resorts in the country would add more punch to your dream tour to the country. Popular attractions in the country are the Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum in Paris, Fontainebleau Castle and Le Mont-Saint-Michel. Then there are French wine and quixotic cuisines, adding more flavor to your relationship with your beloved.

The picturesque country of Switzerland is the paradise of the lovers. The idyllic Alpine villages, palm lined lakes, breathtaking natural landscapes and might glaciers have made Switzerland a great spot romantic escape. Switzerland has wonderfully blended the German, French and Italian culture and has formed it own unique culture. It would indeed be a great experience to soak into the stunning natural beauty of this country as well as experience the fascinating and generous culture of it. The places that the visitors must visit in the country are Basel, Swiss Alps, Geneva and Zurich. The couples can engage in variety of entertaining and fun filled activities such as cycling, walking, hiking & mountaineering, rafting and many more.

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