The city of Hong Kong is renowned for its many attractions and Ocean Park is among the favourites of these. This place, considered a renowned attraction, houses a plethora of water sports, activities and rides, an animal theme park and a marine mammal park. The park is situated at the Southern District of Hong Kong in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan.

Visitors to the park will be blown away by its many activities and attractions; the park houses over 18 rides that include water and outdoor roller coasters. The amusement park is among the seven most popular parks and the 33rd most visited attraction in the world, according to the prestigious Forbes magazine. The park has been separated into two areas known as the Summit (headland) and the Waterfront (lowland); these areas can be accessed via the cable car system, the ocean express train or the shuttle bus. Sightseers can also reach the separated areas via the world’s second largest outdoor escalator, which serves as another attraction here.

The park that was revealed to the public in 1977 and boasts some significant attractions and rides such as the Abyss Turbo Drop, the Dragon (currently Hong Kong’s largest roller coaster), the Flying Swing, the Ferris Wheel and the Eagle and the Crazy Galleon. The park also houses an arcade known as the Headland Skill Games that features over 20 arcade games.

Other attractions within the park include the Marine Land, home to animals such as sea lions and seals. The Atoll Reef is a four-storey aquarium that boasts over 2,000 fish. The Sea Jelly Spectacular is another attraction that houses over 1,000 sea creatures from around the world. Other attractions include a Japanese Garden that boasts serene Japanese-style settings, landscapes, bridges and streams containing hundreds of Koi fish. The Ocean Park is also home to a number of animals that include two giant pandas, red pandas, salamanders, otters, dolphins and more.

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