Nicest cars in the world It is a characteristic feature of the necessity, which is another Yankee, nor is it before here. Yes, the Americans in a bad state, with various choices for each type of goods, especially cars. But what then? and this is often the place where nicest cars in the world¬† flourished, where the main car culture (and perhaps better) is still present. And while we have not ceased to love and desire of the cool car to the next turn. Therefore, here is the schedule from 12:00 cool cars under $ 50,000, which can keep the sale within the next 18 months. Note that the exact dates cannot be 100%: The calendar is on what advertisers are strikingly dark car told us, are based. Therefore, we tend to’ve without the data, we can be searched, and we share with you here nicest cars in the world.

Top nicest cars in the world 2012:

January 2012: 2013 Ford Focus ST

The new Focus has finally debut in the U.S., with a 2.0-liter direct-injection engine, 160 horsepower engine and variable valve timing, but as a five-speed manual transmission. However, the automotive industry, participate in the Focus ST 2013, which will premiere in early 2012. He gets a six-speed manual transmission with EcoBoost identical (turbo) two.0 liter, because the edge Explorer always plentiful and can be useful, somewhere about 250 horsepower, which puts it in league with the bad as Hatches and beyond the exit of the Mazdaspeed3, Volkswagen GTI. Ford also promises a tighter suspension and meatier tires, but as the size of the brakes, to travel with all that power. Expect to pay at least $ 25,000 its the first nicest cars in the world 2012 .

February 2012: 2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI

With Mitsubishi demolition of their gas guzzlers and the introduction of new brands of gas-electric hybrid-electric, all facing increasingly stringent international emission standards are rumors that even the Lancer Evolution will be free travel experience. Or green-ish. The concept is to hold high-performance all-wheel drive, but a series of cooperation with the technology behind the nearby town of i-MiEV electric car, and married to a turbo diesel engine and a gas. The potential is still there for the amazing release, if any gas / mix of power plants, however, Mitsubishi was to allow the driving force for driving at highway speeds on battery juice, as the overall improvement in fuel consumption. Evo XI are larger and more natural every refinement well against competitors such as Audi.

March 2012: Toyota Prius 2013 C

North of this year’s Salon International Auto in Detroit, Yankee, debuted Toyota a full range of Prius, with its fascinating concept Prius C. emphasize always, that what is often a source of inspiration, but to add something, hybrid sports sedan with safety on the route. we can simply wait until Toyota is smart enough to save these style elements, especially as they often are a “driving pleasure” to be a hybrid with tight handling and a value of less than $ 20K. Toyota promises the best mileage of all hybrids on the road cannot be to plug-in.

Early 2012: Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen was one few brands that has us not to Tsar Buick Design and a sponge to his departure have been adjusted. And in fact guaranteed the Golf R, be anything but vanilla. With all-wheel drive Golf R, 280 hp and a gearbox six-speed real, Volkswagen is finally a real fighter WRX Volkswagen United States will commit two types, even the body for competition, from pits the car against Paceman the Mini (a three-door model). Fuel consumption is 20 pc more recent than the R32, a value that should be around 32,000 $ . You need new brake discs and a lot of Dynamic Stability Control with the setting “tracking” or its equivalent. We hope that everyone sees the bodies of two and four doors, each of which can reach R-style body, cosmetics and sports exhaust system.

April 2012: 2013 Chevrolet Camaro  ZL1

The best reason to announce the arrival of the ZL1 is the Cadillac CTS-V-derived V-8 supercharged 580 hp (556 hp compared to the caddy), or the highest rate of about 104 to 20 mph. It is Chevrolet’s engineer have finally heard the people screaming about how the Camaro so beautiful.

Is not it the only thing the new ZL1 get a ridiculous amount of muscle sensitive to zero to one hundred prints in 4 seconds, but the benefits along the front and rear shock absorbers vary revised However, since the stabilizers. Finally, it is the Camaro ZL1 $ 54.995 to try to reach their potential with great advantage, offering a great pity that a permit for the PC. Even better: These comments may flee to one of the cheapest 31 $ 930 Camaro SS that the last cars amoung nicest cars in the world 2012 .

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