Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India is an extremely popular tourist destination of India, with thousand of tourist from all over India and also rest of the world thronging to this metropolitan city. Mumbai home to the Hindi film industry is said to be the place where dreams come true and as such numerous starry eyed flock to Mumbai to try their luck in the largest film industry of the world.

Mumbai is also the city of extremes where you can find one of the richest man in the world and also witness the miseries of the poor, however, with all its contrasts and eccentricity Mumbai is an exciting place kicking with life and buzzing with life throughout the day and night. Many people fall in love with Mumbai while few also hold negative experiences in the city, but, I guess has its plus and minuses. Thus, the beauty of the city depends upon the way you look at this mega city, it can either be extremely beautiful with its beautiful beaches and tall sky scraper or extremely chaotic and distasteful, but, like it or hate it, Mumbai will always charm you to it.
Being a major tourist magnate the region attracts massive number of tourists from all over the country and also the world and as such the infrastructure can be safely said to be in top notch condition supporting the tourism industry of the city. An integral part of the city’s infrastructure hotels can be said to be in top notch condition, with a plethora of options available across all budget points ranging from the deluxe luxury hotels to the budget hotels.
People traveling on a mega budget can enjoy their stay at the various luxury hotels in Mumbai, some of which h include the Orchid and Ecotel Hotel, Leela Kempinski, Intercontinental Grand and much more. These luxury Mumbai hotels are known for their high standards in hospitality perfectly complimented by the state of the art facilities and services offered here along with the amiable and highly experienced staff that adds to the entire experience of staying at a luxury hotel.
Apart from these luxury hotels there are also plenty of budget hotels in the region catering to the lodging needs of tourists traveling on a budget. Some of the prominent budget hotels of the region include the Evergreen Hotel, Vala Janu Hotel, Woodland Hotel, Tiptop Hotel, Arma Court Hotel and much more.

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