While people seek the best deals on domestic or international flight tickets, the airlines do their bit for providing the travellers cheap international flights. Segmentation of the seating arrangements into economy, business and first class is one of the many ways of achieving the same. Offering the discounts and reward miles to the loyal travellers is another way of providing the cheap tickets. Some of the airlines have only one class of travel, called the economy class, and these are positioned in the market as the low cost carriers (LCCs).

For meeting the objective of providing cheap international flights, the airlines develop a strategy of reducing their capital and operations costs and maximise their operational efficiency. This might mean developing both the structural and functional operational strategies. Some of the measures taken in this regard are:

Purchase of aircraft which have high operational economy: The airlines which are positioned as LCCs often have a fleet of aircraft which has maximum operational efficiency. Further, the airlines prefer to commit themselves to only a few (one or two) types of aircraft and make bulk purchases so that the capital costs can be reduced. The saving on capital costs translates to the savings on the interest charges which are paid on regular basis.
Fuel economy: Fuel economy refers to the consumption of lesser oil which is possible when the aircraft is well maintained and the weight of the aircraft is reduced appreciably. The use of plastic materials in place of the metal one, use of robust but light weight in-flight materials and even of the low weight carpets reduces the weight load aboard the aircraft considerably. Further, regular aircraft maintenance also helps in increasing the fuel economy. 
Minimise the losses: Problems such as loss of baggage and flight delays or cancellations result in airlines registering heavy losses. With proper organization and streamlining of the procedures and processes, the airlines aim to minimise those losses whose occurrence can be prevented.
Cutting down on services and facilities: Whether it is the economy class of a luxury airline or the LCC itself, the costs are further reduced by cutting down on number of services and scaling down of the quality of services. So, for short journeys of a couple of hours, the passengers might not be offered two meals but only one heavy meal. This reduction of amenities is done on practical and rational grounds.
Scheduled direct flights: As far as possible, the direct flights to the destinations are a way of increasing fuel economy. However, most of the international flights do have one or two stopovers. In this scenario, the prices for different stop-over destination flights would vary. Many airlines providing long haul services aiming to reduce the costs, select those stop-over destinations where the off-flight maintenance costs are low.

Therefore, a number of measures lead to the ultimate delivery of cheap international flight tickets to the passengers without compromising on airline safety and in the quality of service.


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