Business CEOs can anticipate to log in several hours of flight time, scheduling and arriving for business meetings, conferences and even the occasional meeting with potential clients. In addition to the long hours, a business executive can expect to wait in long security checkpoints, face unruly passengers and even long commute times to airports. If you’re exhausted of waiting in long lines and facing mean passengers, a private aircraft charter may be your ticket to freedom. Private charter planes provide a luxury most commercial airplanes cannot replicate—customized seats, customized flight schedules and even customized meals. However, before you run off and schedule a flight with a charter company, think about some of these choices in ordering the right flight.


Remember, flexibility is king and you want a company that will allow you the freedom to fly when you need to while avoiding outrageous membership fees. As a regular flyer, you will want the freedom to get your flight schedule and destination in order to met the demands of your job. Do not forget, the flight company you get needs to operate under your conditions, meaning that it must be ready when you need it to be in order to maximize your productivity.

In order to avoid long commutes to airports, you should book a company that can depart from and arrive at small airports near your home or area of travel. The key to choosing the best charter company is finding a company that allows for convenience. 

Cabin Space  

When you travel, you never travel alone. If you’re flying internationally, you’ll be in need of a plane with enough cabin space to let you relax, work and enjoy the amenities onboard. Most charter companies will let you get the size of your flight, from small to large planes each offering different seating arrangements and amenities. Remember that “one-size-fits-all” kinds of cabins often do not include all the seats and amenities you may need on your plane, leaving you helpless. Any charter company that allows you to choose how many seats you need and the types of amenities necessary will be helpful for you in order to complete your work and accommodate yourself, as well as your business partners.


A business jet charter may often offer several amenities to suit your trip; however, not all companies will offer the same luxuries. Please note, if you’re flying often, you want an airline company that will include a work desk and Wi-Fi connection to help you work on the plane. In addition to the work desk and Internet, you’ll need a plane that provides entertainment as well as food for your flight.

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