Hooray!  The festive Middle Autumn Day is around the corner and I finally have chance to realize my dream, that is to say, travelling to the sea and going angling. You know, I’m a new graduate longing to watch the expansive sea and crazy about fishing.  What’s more it’s first time for me to come to Shenzhen, an amazing coastal city and I have been busy working for two months.  So needless to say, I badly need to spoil myself and enjoy the fabulous sea and fantastic fishing to my heart’s content.  By the way, I haven’t relished in fly fishing for a long time and I do miss the exhilarating time I felt at ease while fishing.

Well, for your information, fly fishing is a distinct and ancient angling method which uses artificial flies that are cast with a special fishing rod and line. Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water. Freshwater fishing is often divided into coldwater (trout, salmon, steelhead), cool water (pike, perch, walleye), and warm water (bass, chub, catfish) fishing. The techniques for freshwater fly fishing also differ in lakes, streams and rivers.  Yep, that’s sort of confusing and so to speak, fishing is also kind of art thing.  And fly fishing is really exciting and cool.  Additionally, in fly fishing, fish are caught by using artificial flies that are cast with a fly rod and a fly line. The fly line (today, almost always coated with plastic) is heavy enough in order to send the fly to the target. This is one of the main differences between fly fishing and spin or bait fishing; in fly fishing it is the weight of the line that propels the bait through the air, whereas in spin and bait fishing it is the weight of the lure that gives you casting distance. Artificial flies can vary dramatically in all morphological characteristics (size, weight, color, etc.).

Artificial flies are created by tying hair, fur, feathers, or other materials, both natural and synthetic, onto a hook with thread. The first flies were tied with natural materials, but synthetic materials are now very popular and prevalent. The flies are tied in sizes, colors and patterns to match local terrestrial and aquatic insects, baitfish, or other prey attractive to the target fish species.

Of course, I look forward to the big day and I have prepared everything for the travel. To be specific, I have bought the necessary fishing apparel and other fly fishing accessories and all the more I have taken part in a travel group fond of amazing sea and fishing like me.  You can imagine how happy and excited I am and maybe you also wanna join us.  Anyway, if you have an interest, you are more welcome to our team.


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