The central business district of Montreal is found in downtown Montreal. Here, you will find a central public park which is a popular tourist attraction, the skyscrapers and Montreal’s underground city which is the world’s largest with indoor access to over 1,600shops, restaurants, offices, businesses, universities as well as metro stations, train stations, bus terminus, and tunnels that extend all over downtown. You will find many downtown Montreal restaurants where you can enjoy sumptuous Meals.

Some will be French restaurants; others will be Italian, others will be Greek, others Chinese, while still others Indian. There is much more to choose from, and restaurants are not limited to the backgrounds mentioned above. You will find almost all good and authentic cuisines from all backgrounds in downtown Montreal restaurants. Saint Catherine Street is the central axis for the downtown Montreal area and is Canada’s busiest commercial avenue. There are quite a number of restaurants on this street.

One popular restaurant guide to downtown Montreal restaurants has a list of over 400 restaurants with reviews on each restaurant. This means that you can try a new restaurant virtually every day and enjoy what the downtown Montreal restaurants have to offer. You can also try a new cuisine every day because all the downtown Montreal restaurants have so much to offer and there are so many excellent restaurants to choose from, you will never regret having taken this route.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the downtown Montreal restaurants, there are many online guides to restaurants in that area. There are also several dining guides on the downtown Montreal restaurants. Most of these restaurants offer excellent services, given that they have a first-class kitchen with top-rated chefs who make sure to provide a wide selection of food from their menus. It is recommended that you make reservations early enough, since this is one way of avoiding disenchantments.

One Montreal restaurants and reviews from critics, food bloggers and friends list the top ten downtown Montreal restaurants are Kazu, Qing Hua Dumpling, Buns Humbugger House, Kaizen Sushi bar, Thali Cuisine Indienne, Wok cafe, Moe’s Diner, P. M. (Pret-a-Manger, Soupes Et Nouilles and Etoile de Linde (L) in that order. It would be worthwhile to start with trying out the above mentioned restaurants although this is in no way an exhaustive list or guide on where to go out to eat. It is more of an opinion of the locals in Montreal, and what they feel are the best downtown Montreal restaurants. It is a lovely place to start if you want to sample downtown Montreal restaurants because people who have been there cannot be too far off the mark. 



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