Computer mouse has been one of the input devices in the computer or laptop. It has become a mandatory accessory since couple of decades. It has been quiet popular in giving enhanced control of the screen display. The computer mouse depicts as a pointer in the display screen. The computer mouse has evolved over the years and varied technologies have been introduced. Each of the technological advancement in this front has enabled better controlling and sensitivity to the mouse input.

The first popular computer mouse was the mechanical mouse. This operated on a rubber ball motion mechanism operating the directions of the mouse pointer. This was in vogue for a long time and it is still produced as the most economical computer mouse. But this computer mouse got cluttered with dirt and dust jamming the smooth navigation. This required constant cleaning of the computer mouse by dismantling it each time.

The next in line are the popular optical computer mouse. These operate on the LED light emitted by the mouse on a surface and detect motion of the computer mouse. They are more precise than mechanical mouse and are now widely available at reasonable rates. This is by far the best computer mouse available for standard usage.

The latest popular make is the laser technology operated computer mouse. This has enhanced sensitivity and it can responds to the minutest motions. This is quiet popular for gamers and multimedia authors. The cost of a laser computer mouse is almost twice that of an optical mouse. This isn’t feasible for a common person and it targets a niche audience.

Usually a Computer Mouse has three buttons, the left click, right click and the middle scroll click. But there are added buttons for multimedia computer mouse which are used to even operate your music and videos. Some brands are constantly inventing on this front providing multi-tasking computer mouse. There are some models made especially for the gamers, wherein they prefer mouse click to using a keyboard or a dedicated joystick.

There are some unique designed computer mice available for varied users. These include sleek designing, or inclusion of a calculator in the mouse or different shapes for creative designs. You can buy computer mouse online through popular online shopping based websites. These sites offer you a wide variety of options. You can find a host of low price computer mouse in these online websites.

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