However, with the recent developments in tourism and the ever increased popularity of this heavenly location; student travelers, groups and backpackers have started discovering the Caribbean Islands more often.

The secrets of Caribbean are not only embedded in the blue lagoons, crystal waters or tall pine trees but also, year-round good weather makes these Islands a matchless holiday destination in the whole wide world. However, there may be minor exception of hurricane season in the late summer or early fall, but that can be once in a blue moon and can easily be avoided if you are a follower of weather forecast.

The Caribbean bunch of small, large and beautiful Antilles provides the visitors with a variety of beaches to choose from and a group of amazing un-spoilt Islands only a ferry ride away from each other. It is here, that you can chose to be a part of beach crowd, have a good time playing beach volley ball, stare at the beauties or you can find a serene, quiet corner all to yourself. Also, for Adrenaline junkies, there are a dozen of exciting water sports, sea surfing, wave riding, sea kayaking or swimming with the Wales. However, most travelers find Caribbean Islands as excellent diving destination, while other prefers to gaze at clear turquoise waters and golden horizons. Also, the Caribbean Islands have more than a few Pirate stories associated with them, the tales can be enjoyed while sitting in a local bar or having friendly chit chat with the locals.

Although, Caribbean Islands were once, not among top traveled or toured destinations of the world, as the expenses and specially flight fares were far beyond a common man’s affordability. However, nowadays, a number of promotional air fares and cheap flights to the Caribbean are available from Europe and North America with top airlines encouraging more travel to these gems in the ocean treasure.

Greater Antilles in the Caribbean:

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, are the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Islands. These are by far the largest countries in the area, most popular and largely visited by travelers from all four corners of the world.

Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean:

The Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean is a group of much smaller islands located towards the east. Most such Islands are uninhabited and are claimed territories wither by US, UK or Haiti. While other Lesser Antilles are often claimed by more than one country in their close proximity.

Other Countries/Islands in the Caribbean:

There is also a bunch of countries located at close proximity with the Caribbean Islands or along the shore line, rimming the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) waters. Although, these countries may not be considered as part of the Greater or Lesser Antilles, but by dint of their location, they make an easy access to various Caribbean Islands. The names include, Bahamas located in the north of the Greater Antilles and southeast of Florida; The Bermuda (famed for the Bermuda Triangle misty) adjacent to the north of the Caribbean Archipelago; Cayman Islands, an offshore financial centre located in close proximity of Cuba and Navassa Island, uninhabited wildlife refuge (claimed as United States territory). Also, some countries in Central America, South America and Mexico share shorelines with Caribbean archipelago and therefore are often referred to as part of Caribbean.

Finding cheap flights to Caribbean is not an easy task as there is a huge number of Islands to choose from, and that means comparison of uncountable air fares. Here, we have selected some prominent destinations and airlines that can make you save more on your Caribbean Holidays.

For cheap flights to the Caribbean, following destination comparison can be very helpful,

Flights to Havana, famous capital of Cuba are available from most destinations in Europe and can be found at cheaper rates. Havana is the largest city of Caribbean Archipelago.

Cheap Flights to Kingston, capital of Jamaica are available from all over Europe but most importantly better airfares if leaving from London Heathrow, UK or United States.

Flights to Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas are most readily booked and should be reserved well in advance.

Cheap Flights to Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago, cheap airfares to San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico and flights to Santo Domingo, the famous capital of the Dominican Republic are also good to be compared for a fine selection.

While flying from Europe, Cheap flights to Antigua and Barbuda from London Gatwick or Manchester are best available with the national carrier British Airways (UK) or BMI and Virgin Atlantic. Flights from Frankfurt are cheaper with Lufthansa

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Caribbean Airlines also offer cheap flight fares to Barbados and Bridgetown from London or Manchester.

If looking for flights to Cuba from London, Virgin Atlantic, Air Jamaica, Iberia (via Madrid) OR Air France (via Paris) should be compared for better prices.

Flights to Grenada from UK are routed with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. A famous destination while flying from London to Caribbean is Saint Lucia. Cheap Flights to Hewanorra are operated by Virgin Atlantic (from Manchester as well), British Airways and Caribbean Airlines.  Flights to Martinique Fort-de-France are best and cheapest if booked from Paris by Air France or Air Caribes. While cheap air fares to Tobago from London by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic can be a cheaper deal.  Caribbean Airlines also offers cheap flights to Trinidad, Port-of-Spain from London and flights to Turks & Caicos Islands fly via Nassau, Bahamas.

As soon as you land in Caribbean Islands, there splendor and picturesque beauty will welcome you as far as you may see. Also, there are numerous companies offering cruises, charters, and boat tours in the Caribbean to and between Islands.

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