The Caribbean Islands, being a popular tourist hotspot in the world, is well served by several international airlines. The main islands of the region are directly connected to the major cities in North America and Europe by the major Caribbean flights, while the smaller ones are served by local and charter flights.

Caribbean flights from USA

Proximity to the US makes the Caribbean Islands one of the popular travel destinations of American tourists. Almost every major US city has a flight to the Caribbean Islands. The US Airways, Cayman Airways, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica have scheduled flights that carry passengers from the major US cities to the Caribbean Islands several times a week.

Caribbean flights from Canada

Air Canada, Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines fly between the main Caribbean Islands and the important international airports of Canada.

Caribbean flights from Europe

The international airports of the Caribbean Islands are served by the popular European airlines including British Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Air France and Lufthansa. Air Jamaica also operates flights between UK and the Caribbean. Few smaller carriers such as Condor, Corse Air, LTU, Air Europe, Lauda Air, Belair, Holland Excel and Martinair connect Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam to the Caribbean. Among the different European countries, the largest number of flights operates between the Caribbean Islands and UK. In addition to the major international British carriers, the Caribbean Islands is served by several smaller airline companies such as Thomas Cook Airlines, BMI, Monarch, Thomsonfly, Cubana and Air 2000.

Regional Caribbean flights

After arriving in the Caribbean, most visitors hop on regional flights to fly around the islands and reach their destinations on the smaller islands. The American Eagle, a subsidiary of the American Airlines, is one of the major carriers that link the different islands of the region. Other prominent airlines of the region include Liat, Cape Air, Caraibes, Mustique Airways, Winair, RedJet, Bahamasair, SVG Air and St Barth Commuter. Although the regional airlines try their level best to provide quality service, glitches may occur. To minimize problems, try to arrive at the airport few hours before your flight departs, so that there is sufficient time for clearing customs, immigration and security. Most of the low cost airlines offer free sitting. Therefore, to get the window seat, try to board the Caribbean Flights as early as possible.

Private charter

If finance is not a constraint, you can consider hiring a private charter flight. A shared charter flight can be a less expensive alternative.

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