There are several places in the world that can be said to have wonderful ocean views. The number of places that claim to have Blue Waters on their doorstep is staggering. Blue Waters have become synonymous with the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean but it is just as true that most water is, in fact, blue.

The term Blue Waters then perhaps refers to a broader concept, like as in, “Blue Waters and fair sailing.” Most often we find that this refers to calm and serenity rather than the physical qualities of the water.

It is amazing though how we automatically associate crystal clear waters with the warmth of the Caribbean Ocean and not the cold depths of the Antarctic Ocean. I think it is human nature to be drawn to the warm azure blue rather than to the inky blue of the Antarctic. Perhaps there is also an element that allows us to associate the Caribbean Ocean more readily with rest and serenity that the Antarctic Ocean. Let us face it; most people would rather holiday in the Caribbean than in Antarctica.

For all its rugged beauty, Antarctica can hardly be described as a welcoming environment like the Caribbean can be. Antarctica is a downright hostile environment. That said it is one of the last great unspoiled wildernesses in the world and should feature in the traveler’s consciousness. It is, after all, one of the most alien landscapes on the planet earth and certainly classifies as a holiday experience that is extremely different to any that have gone before it.

For all that, however, I personally would probably go choose to go to the Caribbean before I chose to go to Antarctica. I would, intellectually, like to go to Antarctica but in my heart I know that I will battle to cope with the sub-zero temperatures and the life aboard ship.

I love the great outdoors but feel that Antarctica is too great for me – at least at the moment. In fact, for now, I am happy to see my Blue Waters just like almost everyone else does – as a Caribbean blue. For me a holiday is about being warm and having fun in the sun. The Caribbean offers that in spades. With lots to do and lots to explore and warm weather to boot, the Caribbean beats Antarctica hands down. It is always possible that I will change my mind later but, for now, it will have to be the Caribbean.

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