There are four distinct seasons in Canada, and Canadian furniture reflects their differences. The country is also known for its abundance of wood. This is why customers will find a lot of native wood in their furnishing choices.

Visit homes and offices. Go to kitchens and living rooms. Hardwood of all kinds is frequently present in the form of chairs, tables, bed frames and desks.

While these can be expensive, they last for a long time and are worth passing down through generations. For the more budget-minded consumer, there are also synthetic versions that look much like the real thing but weigh and cost much less. Inside a log cabin or rustic-styled home, real wood enhances the pioneering look.

Contrary to much popular belief, summers can be extremely hot in certain parts of the country. Where this is the case, patio furniture will start to emerge from warehouses and stock rooms to be sold starting around April. Set-up an outdoor lounge, with pieces made from water resistant materials yet looking and feeling much like an indoor sofa. Remember to add a fire pit to make the most of light evenings, even as temperatures dip.

At the other extreme there is the infamous Canadian winter. The antidote for a cold day spent working outside or an hour of dog walking in the snow is a blazing fire. Along with fires come fire guards. Select from a range of simple panels or hinged screens in various metallic finishes such as bronze and brass.

A popular variation on regular kitchen tables and chairs is the kitchen booth. This design creates a booth in one corner, like you would find in a restaurant. This can be cozy and helpful, especially as a family expands.

Many youth bedrooms feature captain beds. These enable a child or teen to retain space for playing since drawers in the base take the place of dressers. A head board with shelving eliminates another piece of extra furniture. Loft beds have grown in popularity too. Though they were once necessary when two children shared a room, now they allow a teen to fit a desk into the room by leaving a space underneath the bed.

Adults and children enjoy a selection of aluminum bed frames along with their ornate sleigh beds. These come with a painted or metal finish for an old-fashioned charm. Select a day bed to sit under a window overlooking some of the natural wonders of this vast country. Platform beds have become fashionable too and fit nicely into a room decorated in modern style where right angles are more popular than curves and curls in chair legs, on picture frames, and along the edges of wooden dressers.

The Canadian furniture market sells examples of modern trends for all rooms. Stools for the breakfast bar or wet bar come with or without supporting backs and can swivel if required. Metal furnishings featuring curling lines against glass tables are beautiful in a conservatory where the light picks-up a shiny finish. As television screens become wider, entertainment units grow also to accommodate a screen, DVD player and many discs. They stand alone or can be mounted on the wall. Choose one with doors for hiding away a pile of items that need sorting.

If you are searching for new furniture visit a Canadian furniture store. Canadian furniture is durable and well finished. Visit some furniture stores Red Deer or furniture stores Edmonton and see for yourself.

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