It is safe to say that SMS is the best things since sliced bread, as it has come to stay as one of the most popular ways of communication. Android Smartphones being a cutting edge communication device, it leaves a bit to be desired when it comes its default SMS application. But there are hundreds of excellent Android SMS applications, available in Android apps market, which can be used in replacement to the default SMS application. Take any category and you can get hundreds of apps, some of them are free whereas some are paid. So if you don’t want to go through all this hassle Here’s our pick of 5 best SMS app for Android device.
This is regarded as one of the best SMS apps for Android OS. It comes full of features like sending and receiving rutine as well as picture messages, your Chatting history, On Screen notifications, Easy search for Contacts, Contact Groups management, and last but not the lest Quick Scroll. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to send and receive video messages as well, the reason why it is one of the 5 best SMS apps for Android device.
Google Voice
This app is from Google allowing you to have a separate number which can be used to send and receive SMS as well as for making calls using internet. Google Voice Service also offers to save your chatting history, with many other options. If you want to send fee messages, and don’t care much about the way user interface looks, or other customization options, than Google Voice is the perfect app for you to send free messages anywhere, using Wi-Fi.

This app allows you to send free text messages to your friends and family, you can also receive replies from them if they have this app in their device. You can also send text messages to multiple contacts.
This SMS app features plenty of chat styles including bubbles, ability to set pictures for your contacts, quick reply mode, signatures, blacklisting options, templates, plenty of free themes, making it a top free Android SMS app
No roundup of Android SMS apps is complete without taking a look at Handcent SMS. Beyond its powerful messaging features, Hancent SMS offers tons of customization features for the user who wants to make their phone’s SMS app more to their liking. For instance you can change the color and opacity of the chat bubble, and notifications for incoming calls. Speaking of notifications, should you get a message while you are in another app, Handcent SMS will display a SMS popup from where you can directly respond to the message without exiting the application that you are currently in.
As far as responding to a SMS is concerned, you have the option of typing the message or speaking it. While the speech to text feature isn’t as refined as the iPhone’s, it does do a fair job if you speak clearly and don’t need to enter a ton of text using voice recognition, making it one of the 5 best SMS app for Android device.

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