Macintosh, or simply Mac is one of the widely used personal computers at present. It is designed, developed, and sold by Apple Inc. As such, Mac computers have evolved over the years and one of the newest Mac computers is the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air is the lightest and most portable MacBook ever produced as of this date. According to reviews, it is just like a full size Macintosh computer when it comes to function, making the saying size doesnt matter completely true. It has two models, one is the 11-inch model and the other is the 13-inch one. Most of its features were inspired by the Apple iPad like the standby time and the flash storage capacity. The MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds. It has a multi touch trackpad which enables you to click, pinch, drag, rotate, and zoom on text and images on the screen. It has a long battery life which can stay in standby mode for a month. It also runs on a Core 2 Duo processor. It has a built in camera and stereo speakers which you wouldnt even know are there due to its slim design. MacBook Air has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with two USB ports and 1 SD card slot. You have the option of connecting it to a HDTV, projector, or Apple LED Cinema display if you want to enjoy videos or pictures at a larger view.

To make the MacBook Air more enjoyable for users, there are many applications you can download for it. You can look at Mac application blog sites for available applications and you can also shop at the Mac Application Store. Here are some of the best applications for the MacBook Air.

“Time Machine

Backing up your data is very important. You want to make sure that you have your files intact in case your MacBook Air crashes. The Time Machine software application can help back up large amounts of storage and data files on your Mac.


If you love blogging, then you will love Ecto. It is primarily an application for creating blogs offline on the MacBook Air. It supports different blogging software like WordPress. Another application similar to Ecto is MarsEdit which is also related to blog creation.

“iMovies and iPhoto

iMovies will help speed up video creation on the MacBook Air and it allows you to export videos directly to websites or to mobile handsets. iPhoto helps you manage photos albums and tag photos with ease.

There are other applications for Mac. Some are available for free while some have to be bought. Its up to you to choose which ones are most useful for you.

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