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Enjoyed Most Of The Time:

Date posted: 9/19/2009 
Years at this apartment: 2007 – 2009 

My husband and I lived at Ashley Park for two years after relocating to Va. from Mn.

I looked at many apts that were affordable and these apartments were far nicer for the money. The trash problem was resolved and we never saw “rats” anywhere. Pest control comes out although we never had a problem. Living on the patio level does allow outside critters like spiders, crickets etc access but no problem to remove them. I never used the pool. I loved the landscaping,the trees allowed me to feel like I was in a wooded area , the people seem to enjoy fishing there and I imagine they throw the fish back, I fed squirrels and loved the geese. Yes, they do poop but it is not like the place is over run with feces.I made my apartment homey and was comfortable.We had water problems but they were addressed. Some problems are timely and difficult tosolve due to the age of the building and pipes etc. but with the prices of apartments now I feel like I received a good deal. The office staff changed but I never had a problem in the 2 years we were there. The is a problem with the police being visable so you know there is a criminal element living there but also didn’t surprize me with the location.
We moved because we needed a larger apartment and I wanted to be closer to my children and grandchildren so transferred to an apt. owned by Colonial at another site. 
Transferring was another plus. I miss the friends I made there. Never had a problem with loud or unfriendly neighbors.
I think there is an exaggeration of the negative things written about the apartments and feel some may have too high an expectation of an affordable complex.
It will be whatever you make it.

It’s Better Than The Alternative

From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 8/29/2009 
Years at this apartment: 2009 – 2009  I have been here only one month, but can tell you that living here is not nearly as bad as being homeless. No perfect living situation can be found, so this place is as good as any, with the exception that they gave me a chance that other complexes would not.  


Not As Bad As People Say


Date posted: 8/6/2009 
Years at this apartment: 2008 – 2009  I have read the other comments and everyone has their opinion on how they would like things to be. I have lived in Ashley Park for a year and plan on renewing my lease this week. I am a teacher, I have pretty good taste and am a young socialite and if didn’t think this place was up to my “standards” I would not stay here. I have never had a problem with maintenence. I call, they come withim 48 hours. I had an emergency late at night and he came within 15 minutes. It is very quiet, lots of parking and the office staff is very helpful. One thing I felt was misleading was the fact that the water bill seems way too high and that you share the water with the whole complex. They really should change that. The pool is nice. It does what it’s supposed to do, get you wet. The laundry room has working machines. I’ve never put my money in the washer or dryer and not have it work. My apartment was really nice and I decorated it to make it feel like home. I always get compliments on how nice the apartment is. In the end you have to make your own judgement but this place is really good. If you wanna pay $ 800 a month then sure you can go out and get an upscale apartment with all new appliances and a state of the art pool and gym. But if you are on a teacher’s budget and you just want a really nice place to live, then come check it out. The coolest part is they are giving me a reduced rent of $ 590 for renewing. Now how many other apartments would do that’ For more articles Click the link “> Apartments For Rent In Richmonde Va

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