Google Do?, by Jeff Jarvis, talks a whole lot about Google and what he believes tends to make it so profitable. He draws on these concepts to form numerous hypotheses concerning the long term rules of enterprise, such as “give the folks manage and we will use it”, “You don’t generate communities, but you’ll be able to offer stylish organization”, “the mass marketplace is becoming replaced by masses of niche markets” plus a variety of other comparable “Google Rules”.

Jarvis examines these rules all through the very first fifty percent from the guide, discussing how they apply to Google and how other firms are making use of these rules for good results. And how if not followed these rules can result in huge difficulties.

I truly enjoyed the first half of the book, often stopping the audio book to take notes on a particularly interesting insight from Jarvis.

However, after a great first half filled with real examples, the second half of the book explores a hypothetical world of businesses running on “Google Rules.” It stretches the imagination and in some places credibility. It’s too bad he could not draw on more real examples to prove his point, which leads to concerns about the rigor of his analysis. He may have extrapolated correctly, but then again he may not.

He also fails to incorporate Google’s massive scale into how these “Rules” apply to the rest of us. For example, only about 1 percentage of people in any community are really big contributors and another 9 percent of people add on to that contribution. The rest of the people watch passively. This means that the wisdom of crowds works when there are lots and lots of people involved. The same cannot be said for a restaurant with hundreds of customers, which is one of Jarvis’s hypothetical businesses.

Still, I recommend listening to What Would Google Do?, with a particular emphasis on the first half. To audio books is chock full of insights that will make you think. As for the second half, find your industry and give it a listen. Maybe it will make you think differently.

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