Airlines provide services to the passengers. They provide air travelling services to the travelling passengers and cargos.  Services provided by the airlines can be classified under following categories

· Passenger aircrafts

· Freight’s aircrafts

· Domestic aircrafts

· Regional aircrafts

· Aircrafts within the continent

· Airlines between the continents, etc.

First Indian plane travelled from Karachi to Delhi in 1912. Since then the Indian aviation sector never looked back. It is one of those industrial sectors, which showed continuous up gradation in its services and constant growth.

Previously, aircrafts were looked upon as an expensive way of transportation, which could serve only limited people of the country, but at present it is comparatively cheaper and is used by many more number of citizens. This change in air fare rates was introduced by Air Deccan airlines in the year 2003. It reduced the prices by seventeen percent in comparison to other airlines. Quickly the trend was followed by go airlines then spice jet and then kingfisher and so on

Indian aviation is the ninth largest aviation sector in the world. The important players of aviation sector includes names like

· Kingfisher airlines

· Jet airlines

· Air India

· Indigo airlines

· Spice jet airlines

· Go Air airlines

· Paramount airways

· MDLR airlines

The main problem faced by Indian aviation sector is high price of turbine fuel which results in rise in input price. It also faces the lack of skilled labor with rise in labor cost. The close competition doesn’t allow raising the fare price.

Wide range of carrier opportunities are provided by aviation sector as pilot, air hostess, maintenance staff, managerial staff, etc

The aviation related institutes in India are

· Ahmadabad aviation and aeronautics ltd aviation school

· Frankfinn institute of air hostess

· Indian aviation academy

· International airlines academy

· Air hostess academy

· Indian institute of aeronautics

· Bharat institute of aeronautics

· Indian institute of aeronautical science

· Avalon aviation academy

· Aero-sports

· American flyers (India) ltd

· Amritsar aviation club, etc

The infrastructure constraints are also a problem for aviation sector in India. Airport infrastructure needs continuous up gradation with time to continue its success story. This sector due to good results and bright future expectations attracts several investors towards itself. Two India’s biggest airports were recently undertaken by private sectors which showed great results and improvement.

With a vision to touch the clouds and stretching beyond limits Indian airlines are constantly moving forward, facing competition, struggling hard, working harder to continue its success story and to come up in a better way. The future prospects are considered to be bright in this sector if it overcomes the hindrances like high fuel price, wages, etc.

Indigo Airlines is one of the leading airline sectors in Indian airline market, it is continuously growing with the growth of aviation sector India. It is a private low cost airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India operating since august 2006. Indigo has been awarded by lots of aviation awards and certificates.

The complaints faced by customers of indigo airlines are about customer services. The customer care service is not smooth and good enough.


Go Air airlines is also one of the leading airline company. Customers have complaints against the refund values of cancelled flight tickets.

Correction measure to rebuild customer faith and help to resolve consumer query can be immensely beneficial.


I am writing on consumer rights and other relevant topics related to consumer welfare. I am handling a consumer forum to get resolved consumer complaints. many customer care center does not give respond like Indigo Airlines Customer Care and Go air airlines customer care. We make companies constrain to solve people’s problems.


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