A visit to some city far away from your residence will certainly require you to book an accommodation in a hotel. Gone were the days when staying in 5 star hotels was very expensive; probably there were only few brands and the guest gentry was limited to a certain section of the society. Today there are numerous 5 star hotels to choose from, all running chains across the country. You will come across almost similar facilities and conveniences in a single brand chain no matter whether it is Mumbai hotels or Delhi hotels or those located in any other part of the country. It is pampering guests with the most modern luxury and business conveniences that 5 star hotels are known for. Here you can experience a milieu of a home away from home, an office away from office, a space that is already customized to your needs, and more. The interior décor, furnishings, ceilings, floors, etc. all have a visual appeal. And counted few 5 star hotels in India offers exclusive services and facilities, private air carrier conveniences, golf-playing facilities, in-complex shopping, not to mention limitless hospitality.


The financial capital of Mumbai is a dream destination for many. The aura of the city does attract many leisure tourists. Mumbai hotels are in abundance, spread across the city. You may opt staying in apartment or the general five star Mumbai hotels. If you are traveling on business, it will be wise on your part to stay in the vicinity of the airport. From there you can commute to the desired venue. If it is in your hands to host a conference, the aforesaid location will again best serve your purpose. There are several five star Mumbai hotels in close proximity to the airport, i.e. at Andheri.


The national capital metropolis is the political centre of the country not to mention a hub of commercial, economic, and administrative activities. Extensive facilities mark the specialty of five star Delhi hotels.  Business travelers can stay connected to the world outside or even their office right from their rooms or from the business centre located in the hotel premises. Whether it is a hi-powered business meeting or a product launch or a simple press meet or just a corporate gathering, every purpose can be rightly served here.

And leisure travelers only get pampered beyond satisfaction. Even during peak summers, Delhi hotels witness cent percent occupancy.

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