Eating a healthy, balanced diet not only plays an important role in maintaining good health but also helps you feel your best. There are many apps for healthy eating and following are 5 best ones that you can check out.

1. Harvest

The Harvest app is available for just $ 1.99 at iTunes and used on Apple devices only. The app features an alphabetical directory that not only gives tips for identifying more than 100 ripe edibles grown on trees, vines or in the ground but also gives such valuable storage tips. Additionally, it gives tips on how to tell if something is typically high in pesticide residue. With no Internet connection required, the Harvest app will help you pick, store, handle and prepare produce with ease.

2. Superfoods

The Superfoods app is available for free for use on Apple iPhones and iPads. This guidebook to healthful eating will help you learn about the superfoods that contain essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to ward off disease, boost your immune system and give you more energy. You can read the app’s articles for in-depth information about the benefits of particular items. Besides, there is the “deals” tab that will link you to shopping specials.

3. Healthy Out

If you are short on time, the Healthy Ot app is right for you. Based on the location you are at, this application suggests the specific, healthy dishes available at nearby restaurants along with detailed nutritional information about them. It even advises you on making special requests as well. Designed to be your own personal concierge and nutritionist planning out your meals, the Healthy Out is available for free for use on iPhones only.

4. Cooking Planit

The Cooking Planit features over 500 chef- tested recipes that can be searched based on ingredient or dietary needs. In addition, it adjusts any recipe based on how many or few people you’ll be feeding. The app will guide you step-by-step through the entire meal so that everything is on the table, right when you want it to be. The Cooking Planit has a free basic app on its website, and premium apps can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad from iTunes.

5. True Food

Along with the Cooking Planit, Healthy Out, Superfoods and Harvest apps, the True Food app is among the best apps for healthy eating. It lists “green” foods which do not contain modified ingredients, and “red” foods which do so that you can. This application is available for free for use on Android, Apple iPhone and iPad.

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