Experienced tourists know that it’s really hard to predict everything when it comes to traveling. Sometimes the quality of the service in hotels is really low. Some hotels use different tricks to make their apartments look bigger and some don’t seem to care about safety. Perhaps these problems are a fun way for hotels to attract more attention to them, but it’s not the kind of publicity any hotel would want.

Remember that excited feeling you got as a kid when you were going to stay at a hotel? It feels like a mini-vacation… until the experience of your actual stay leaves you cringing! But there are ways to avoid a “bad hotel” altogether. For example, if you have trouble reaching someone at the front desk, this could indicate a lack of discipline on management’s part. So, let’s learn why you should stay away from certain hotels.


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The Photos Look Too Photoshopped 00:00
The Hotel Website and Google Don’t Seem to Match Up 0:53
The Hotel Website Itself is Outdated 1:31
The Computers Are Outdated 2:11
The Price Is Not Right 2:53
Backlash at Bad Reviews 3:28
The Good Reviews Aren’t Recent 4:06
Bed Bugs! 4:50
Dirty Carpets 5:14
The Hotel Doesn’t Seem to Care About Safety 5:44
Hotel Signs Aren’t in Good Condition 6:22
It’s Hard to Reach a Real Person at the Front Desk 6:59
Generally Poor Service 7:40

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