1. Emergency kit, keep cool and in shape in flight ‘.
The toothbrush and toothpaste are the first two items to include in this emergency kit. Followed by moisturizer, lip balm, perfume or aftershave, deodorant, ear plugs, drops and eye mask. This will make a real difference to your output plane!
2. A good pillow soft
During a long flight, it will be easier to fall asleep a few hours on your own pillow rather than a substitute for while travel, any purpose, provided by the airlines. One of the best on the market is currently Travelrest inflatable pillow that offers good support neck.
3. Extra-soft socks
Nothing better than to make its own pair of socks. You will appreciate having an extra pair for your flight and also, if you choose subjects such as the Alpaca or Cashmere, the experience will be heavenly.
4. Apple MacBook Air
For weighing just 1.36kg you can distract you and prevent boredom even during a flight of 48 hours. The thinnest laptop in the world from Apple you can watch a movie from your personal selection, organize your photos, listen to music or even finish a job before you arrive.
5. Luxury chocolates
In a short flight, it is rare that you get meals and it will be nice to eat a small piece of your favorite chocolate. If you are a traveler, you will be able to overlook the many packets of biscuits or peanuts that will be offered. So remember this little treat in your luggage, whether the Green and Blacks or a Milky Way.
6. Wrap yourself in a pashmina
Perhaps more suited to the female, a soft and warm pashmina easily replace the poor coverage provided on many flights. There are also neutral colors that will perfectly suit the men who want to travel comfortably.
7. iPod or MP3 player
To choose your music and avoid listening to the radio the plane for 24 hours, an iPod is a must-have accessory. You can store audio books, comedy skits, music and make it your personal entertainment powerhouse. If however you want to listen comfortably radio or film offered for your flight, get the headset adapter for airplane to connect your own headphones while travel.
8. A flight free from wrinkles
Again for the ladies, ‘serum concentrate in Bliss’ Youth as We Know It’ will save you having dry skin, which is very common when you fly. This serum is rich in ultra-active component that will give you a radiant complexion and skin plumper.
9. Ultra-light pictures
The Panasonic LX3 digital camera weighs only 227g and its compact size allows you to slip it into your hand luggage and take pictures around the original window of the plane.
10. A good book
A good book can make the difference between a flight that never ends and a flight that flies. In high-tech version you can buy the Kindle, which you can store thousands of books.

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