It is somewhat ironic that the most beautiful and enjoyable places to travel to are generally the ones that haven’t been damaged by tourism, and countries that were once the perfect place to visit are now on our list of Places NOT To Travel in 2021!

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia
After gaining fame for being a filming location for “Game of Thrones” and also thanks various social influencers, Dubrovnik has become a veritable tourism hotspot making it one of our, tourism “not”spots. Its overcrowded and no longer has the feel of a “hidden paradise” and considering that Croatia has so many beautiful seaside towns, why choose this one?

2. Switzerland
Switzerland has always been a popular tourist location, its beautiful, not overcrowded, and has good cheese and amazing chocolate, what more could you want? Well while Switzerland certainly isn’t lacking, it is expensive! and cheaper options like Slovenia will give you a lot more! for a lot less!

3. Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon gained popularity as a viable alternative to the crowded Barcelona, but nowadays it too has become a little too touristy. Luckily Lisbon isn’t the only jewel in Portugal’s crown, Coimbra and Aveiro and both stunning, with the later being known as Portugal’s version of Venice!

4. Kanpur, India
Kanpur has been a big tourist favorite for years and still is! but not without consequence. Kanpur relies heavily on industry and Kanpur leather is famous worldwide, but this, in addition to over population and vehicle emissions has caused air pollution problems within the city. so its probably best to avoid Kanpur next year.

5. North Korea
Although beautiful there are some places on this earth that ethically are best not to visit! If you think that the money you spend here will go towards a dictatorship and the possible oppression of millions of people it kinda puts a downer on your vacation plans!

6. Hallstatt, Austria
“The snow shines bright on the mountains at night, not a footprint to be seen. In this kingdom of isolation, tourism is the queen. Hallstatt was the inspiration for Arendel in the frozen films and since then it has been flooded with tourists. If you don’t like crowds and this was one of your travel options for 2021 its probably best to “let it go!”

7. Santorini, Greece
Its easy to see why this quaint town has become so popular, its beautiful white and blue houses and tight streets make it something very special, unfortunately, tight streets and thousands of tourists means you’ll be queuing just to walk down the street. add the fact that its majority trade is souvenirs and you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re just queuing up in a rather extravagant gift shop.

8. Faroe Islands
After a large marketing campaign in 2016 the Faroe Islands with its virgen, untouched landscapes has become a very attractive place to visit. but the more people that visit, the less “untouched” it becomes. The tourism board recently decided to close the island for a weekend “for maintenance” and will continue to do so in an effort to protect its delicate ecosystem.

9. Phi Phi islands, Thailand
This place is the definition of island paradise, everywhere you look is simply breathtaking. this tourist hotspot has suffered greatly from the influx of tourists over the years, so much so the in 2018 the shut it to tourists so that the islands could recover. even though it may open again in 2021 it would probably be best to give this paradise more time to recover rather than lose it all together.

10. Florida Keys, USA
A popular place with diving enthusiasts thanks to its barrier reef, it is home to a wide variety of species, this beautiful, carefully balanced ecosystem is in danger from invasive species, climate change and pollution. therefore its probably best to give Florida Keys a break from mankind for a while.

Where are you traveling to in 2021?
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